The Helicopter

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc. utilizes the Bell 407 single engine and the Bell 430 twin engine helicopters.  These aircraft are excellent for both aerial observation platforms and for the transport of rescue personal and equipment. 

Specialized Mission Equipment

HELP's aircraft will be equipped with the most advanced communications and video equipment currently available.  During a disaster one of the greatest problems facing responders is the lack of communication between ground units and command centers.  The helicopters will utilize a multi-sensor imager capable of overlaying predisaster images of the exact site we are capturing in either infrared and viable light video.

Real-time video will be transmitted via down link antenna to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in charge of the current disaster. The use of such a down link will provide critical disaster scene detail and greatly enhance the situational awareness for decision makers on the ground.

The helicopter is also equiped with an SX-5 Night Sun search light which is capable of illuminating an area 143 feet in diameter from an altitude of 1,650 feet.  The search light will be used for night search and rescue operations.

The Bell 407 has proven itself a safe, quite and reliable aircraft.  The 407's low operating cost and outstanding performance make it the most efficient aircraft in its class.