Educational Program

" Give Children enough information that they feel empowered to know what to do in a disaster"

- Judith Myers-Walls, Assistant Professor of Consumer and Family Sciences at Purdue University

In addition to our mission of disaster relief, HELP plans to develop an educational program regarding disaster preparedness and volunteerism.  By flying to schools within the Central region of our operational area, HELP hopes to inform our young people of the importance of being prepared for disasters.  Students from across the country have always been involved in fund raising during disasters and volunteering their time to help others. 

We at Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project feel that helping to educate these future leaders of our society as to how important disaster relief is and how their past efforts have helped others in our country and around the world is a very important part of our mission.  HELP hopes to motivate and inspire these young people as to the importance of doing good in both school and in the community.

School visits will be coordinated in conjunction with visits to area emergency management agencies, first responder groups and disaster relief organizations.  The cost of the educational program will be reduced by making these trips multiuse.