Welcome to Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc. (HELP) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization utilizing the unique capabilities of the helicopter in facilitating rapid response and the saving of lives. HELP provides emergency assistance to Local, State and Federal emergency agencies and first responders during times of natural and man-made disasters.

Established in 2006 to dramatically improve disaster response in the Central, Southern and Eastern United States.


  Saving lives by rapidly responding to disasters.            We help heroes reach new heights!

Support HELP

Helicopter Emergency Lifeline Project, Inc. is currently involved in a campaign to raise funds for the acquisition of a replacement helicopter. The use of our previous helicopter had been donated to HELP until the owner relocated the aircraft out of the country. 

Our helicopter is the key operational tool of our humanitarian mission.

Funds are needed to acquire both a replacement helicopter and the specialized rescue and communications equipment.